Saturday, 28 May 2011

Green, green grass

The grass is always greener ....

Yes, we know that people look outwards and think things are better, they would be happier ... or whatever.  This is (partly) why surveys of employees alwas suggest that many of them want to leave their current job for a new one. 

They probably deep down know that their current job is (at least) OK ... and they probably are too frightened of the unknown to move. 

But it doesn't hurt to make them aware from time to time of how good their current job is .... so tell them - in your newsletter, in meetings and so on.  Not directly, of course.... but subtly, remind them of what the firm does for them, the training they have had, the perks they get, the environment they work in.

If you can't do this honestly, because you are not proud of those factors you provide ... perhaps they should leave!

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