Saturday, 28 May 2011

Green, green grass

The grass is always greener ....

Yes, we know that people look outwards and think things are better, they would be happier ... or whatever.  This is (partly) why surveys of employees alwas suggest that many of them want to leave their current job for a new one. 

They probably deep down know that their current job is (at least) OK ... and they probably are too frightened of the unknown to move. 

But it doesn't hurt to make them aware from time to time of how good their current job is .... so tell them - in your newsletter, in meetings and so on.  Not directly, of course.... but subtly, remind them of what the firm does for them, the training they have had, the perks they get, the environment they work in.

If you can't do this honestly, because you are not proud of those factors you provide ... perhaps they should leave!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Start the day well

A recent research study showed (confirmed?) that most workers work better if they start the day well... if they start off in a negative mood, it influences their behaviour for the rest of the day.

So, your job is to give them the best start to the day you can ... to ameliorate any negative vibes they bring with them. 

It might just need a friendly, encouraging word at the start of their day ... a pat on the back for good performance yesterday.

Wouldn't you hate to think that someone is under-performing because you didn't take the the 30 seconds it needed to give them a lift.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Go for Goal

If you don't have any goals, your business is not going to move forward.

The process of creating business goals does not have to be complicated .. but it must happen. The goals are the milestones on the way to business success... reaching them (or not) shows you how well (or badly) you are doing ... and enables you to take corrective or improvement action.

So take your overall strategy and break it down into areas .. then set a goal for each of these areas ... and finally work out what it will take to reach these goals.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Do you have the energy?

We take decisions rationally ... often based on the financial payback. How much does it cost? How much might it save? How will it help us grow?

Sometimes, however, we take a decision and then forget about it .. .forgetting that those financial factors change over time.

Energy is a prime example. Energy costs have been rising rapidly over the last few years and decisions we might have taken back then on issues such as types of energy, sources of energy, replacement energy, energy conservation, etc need revisiting.

What else has changed over the last few years ... in your cost base ... in your revenue stream? Are there decisions you need to look back on?

Sunday, 1 May 2011

What's changed?

Is your business operating much as it did a year ago?

What about your competitors?

If you are doing well, give yourself a pat on the back ... but do not rest on your laurels (how many more cliches can I get in?)... or your good performance might be supassed by the better perofmrance of someone who has worked a bit harder to improve.

So, as soon as you have given youself that pat on the back, start to work out how you will change - for the better - over the coming months.