Saturday, 25 April 2009

Ask an expert ... carefully

Of course from time to time we need expert advice. However, this can give problems when the gap between the expert's knowledge and our own is too large. In such cases we might need a 'semi-expert' - someone who can translate between the two levels, using language both sides can understand.
Such an approach might cost a little more ... but considerably less than making a mistake based on a wrong interpretation of language or concepts that are not clear to us.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Small ... beautiful?

How does the old joke go? How do you run a small business? Well, start with a big one and run it badly!

Actually, small businesses are quite different from large ones - culturally. Many people fail to make the grade when transferring from small to big ... or from big to small.

If you are recruiting (because you are getting bigger), a cultural fit is often more important than a technical one. Make sure your preferred candidate knows the kind of business you are .. and can work with you - not for you. You need someone with guts and initiative, who can stand on his/her own.

Monday, 13 April 2009

There's always a way to make a buck

A new website offers to pray for you - to your choice of God. (see

I don't suggest you pray for business success - or even business survival right now .. but I do suggest you remember that there are always business ideas out there. You need to make sure they are yours .. and that you have the energy and resources to turn them into a successful business.

I do know that if you stop having ideas, you might as well give up!

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Make it deeper, not wider

I was in a restaurant last night. A customer was complaining about the quality of the food. The manager - who became involved - himself complained that his customers demanded so much variety and choice that it was impossible for everything to be 100%. Wrong answer! If the breadth of your product range gives you quality problems, then solve them ... or cut down the range and stick to what you can do well ... and do well repeatedly.