Saturday, 27 March 2010

Head in The Cloud

Its often hard for a busy entrepreneur or a small business to focus on technology - they are too busy focusing on core parts of the job.  However, sometimes it pays (literally - in terms of cost saving) to consider what new technologies are available to help a business plan and execute.

'The Cloud' is becoming important.  it is now possible to run quite a lot of technical services at low cost, with almost no in-house expertise, by 'plugging into' services 'out there' (or 'up there').

Google Docs is just one example.  Free (or very low cost) word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software along with free storage.

Must be worth a look?

Friday, 19 March 2010

Its OK to take your eye off the ball

We all work hard.  that means we concentrate, we put in effort ... and mostly we get the results we expect. 

But sometimes its good to step back, take a breather and let our minds think of something else.  this gives our subconscious time to work - to churn, to reflect, to process.  Then we start to see things (perhaps ever so slightly) differently.  We see the context, see the bigger picture and give ourselves time for innovation.

So take some time off - indulge in your hobby.  come back refreshed with fresh thinking.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Don't read this

If, like many other organisations, you are trying to climb out of the pit that is the (recent) recession ... then concentrate on what you used to do well ... and do it better.  now is probably not the time for big changes.

So, forget this blog and other advice you might look at ... stick with what made you successful in the first place.

Friday, 5 March 2010

email should help not hinder

We all know people who complain about the numbers of emails they receive ... and often its us!  But it is up to us to make sure we manage it so that it helps our businesses, not hinders them.  We need to build in the disciplines that we expect in other areas of our lives. 

Don't respond to emails as they arrive - set aside 30 minutes a day to handle and deal with them .. and do deal with them.  Handle an email only once!  Don't put it aside for later and have to handle it again.  Deal with it or delegate it.

You might be surprised about how much less of a burden it seems when you handle it properly.