Saturday, 26 October 2013

. .. and do them well.

I wrote last week of the need to identify the things that will drive your business forward ... and concentrate on those things.

But, of course, as well as doing them, we have to do them well.... at least as well as our competitors.

So, we have to understand what to do .. and how to do it .. .and what constitutes success.

We almost certainly have to measure how well we achieve what we set out to do ... so we know we are achieving... or can take corrective action if we are not.

And if we can find out how well our competitors are doing, so much the better.  So benchmarking what we do against what they do is important.

Keep your eyes on the prize at all times!

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Do the right things to succeed

Small companies grow into big ones .... sometimes.  But only, of course, if they are successful.

Do you know what 'success' is ... what will drive your business forward?

You might be surprised to discover that lots of companies do not.  They plod along doing lots of good things but not always understanding the key elements that drive success.

Take the time to reflect, to think ... and then start to act on your success factors.  Get them right and you might sew the seeds of success ... and growth.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Keep it simple - do not complicate

How much can you improve the productivity of a process without changing the underlying technology?

Sometimes we look for the major changes that major process change can bring about.  However, real gains can often be achieved by simple changes to the way we plan, organise and control the process and the resources it consumes.

This blog is called 'Do Not Complicate'.  So. measure and understand the process ... and where it might be improved.  Then, improve it - simply.

Saturday, 5 October 2013


Success comes from being clear about what you are aiming for ... and then single-mindedly executing the strategy to get you there.

What you don't need are distractions - the little problems along the way ... but also the little side projects that crop up and you 'fit in' alongside the main project.

You need to be ruthless in eliminating these distractions ..... they constitute 'wasted effort'.

Organise your work and the work of those around you is that it is absolutely clear where the focus lies.... and what constitutes success. Then remove all the distractions, leaving the team to focus completely on this main focus.