Friday, 25 February 2011

Dealing with lazy employees

Do you have lazy employees?

If so, think about your kids or your grandchidren. They can appear lazy or highly focused, motivated and energetic depending on what you ask them to do ... and their ability to do it.

So, ask them to do something for which they (think they) don't have the skills .. and they will shy away ... and act lazily.

Ask them to something which they know they can do - and do well - and their enthusiasm returns.

Ask yourself if this is true of your staff. Are you undermining them by not providing proper training or by not encouraging them.

Have you been getting lazy?

Friday, 18 February 2011

Make an Obama promise

Obama expressed his determination recently to "unlock the productivity" of American workers to make the country more competitive in a technology-driven economy.

"I know we can out-compete any other nation on Earth," Obama said in his weekly radio address."We just have to make sure we're doing everything we can to unlock the productivity of American workers, unleash the ingenuity of American businesses, and harness the dynamism of America's economy."

But of course, in reality, Obama's promise is unlikely to have much effect on your business. You need your own Obama moment ... and your own Obama promise.

How will you unlock the potential of your staff and your organisation? Take 2 minutes NOW to think about 5 things you could do to improve things .... and then set about doing at least one of them.

Friday, 11 February 2011

77 ways the iPad can improve your business

Sorry, that title was a 'scam'. Its like many blog post titles these days ... trying to 'sell' you the next panacea.

However, the iPad is not that panacea. I can exclusively reveal that ... there isn't one.

Stop looking. Just stick to the business of understanding your business and thinking through where you might be able to make improvements.

Looking for the 'silver bullet' takes your mind off this important task. Improving your business takes hard thought and hard work.

Sure, technology might be able to help ... as might a change in your marketing or one of many other things. You have to understand what it is that you do that works ... and what perhaps doesn't. An iPad won't tell you that!

Saturday, 5 February 2011

A simple word of warning

Blog posts don't have to be long ... or complicated. So, here's a nice simple message for you to think about.

Getting things done is not the same as making things happen.