Saturday, 31 August 2013

Fill the Gaps

Where are the skills gaps in your organisation? I hope you know. Identifying and closing them is how you ensure you continue to develop and grow.

You close the gaps by training and developing your workforce ... or by buying in the skills via new staff (or outsourced services).  

But close the gaps you must. Otherwise those gaps will result in holes in your profits.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Absent without leave

I read some data the other day on the level of absence in the Australian public sector.  It was astonishingly high.

Do you know what the levels of absence are in your organisation and how they compare to similar organisations?

Absence is a good diagnostic symptom . .. it tells you something is wrong but not what.

There are a number of possibilities.  One is that you work your employees so hard or treat them so badly that they suffer stress. Another is that the nature of the work is so unfulfilling that workers lose motivation.

Whatever the reason something has to be done ....  but that 'something' must be based on a clear understanding of the problem.  So you have to look beyond the absence figures at possible and probable causes - and then take action.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Office Knoweldge

Almost certainly you have a number of what are called  'knowledge workers'. The way in which they work differs from the working patterns of 'traditional' office workers - much more participative, team-based and relying on research and discovery.

How does the way in which you design and build your office space recognise these different working patterns.  Probably not at all.  An office is an office is an office seems to be the design mantra.

Design for the work they do, not the place they sit at should be the new philosophy.  Observe, record, ask - then start to think about space and the way in can be configured.... and, of course, make it flexible.

Your staff will thank you for it .. and they are likely to be more productive.

Saturday, 10 August 2013


How do you promote your business?

Have you always considered that paid promotional activity is too expensive?  So have many of the people I know.

However, one of them was brave enough to try Google Adwords, after finding out it was much cheaper than he had expected.

He sold online so his customers were likely to be searching for his products .. and Adwords took them direct to him.

This is not an advertisement for Adwords ... just a plea for you to explore promotional avenues you might have rejected out of ignorance... your prejudice tells you its too expensive so you never look.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

First improessions

When you go for a job interview, one of the pieces of advice you get is that 'First Impressions count'. So, how you look and act on meeting and greeting your interviewer really matter. The accompanying phrase is "You only get one chance to make a first impression".

Well, your catalogue - and your website - are like that.  The front cover of a printed catalogue - and your HomePage - are the chance you get to make a good, first impression.

So, take the time to get them right - and make them visually engaging. Spend a little money - on good graphic design. It will pay dividends.