Saturday, 26 July 2014

Inject freshness

When your workforce knows its work well . ..and is moving along nicely,,, you might sit back, smile and count the profits.

But in such circumstances, a sports coach would be looking for the next level of performance.

So, you should be also.

You have to think about doing something new or doing something differently - setting the workforce a challenge.  They might not necessarily like you for it ... but as long as they respond you have done the right thing.

Comfortable mediocrity is not an option!

Saturday, 19 July 2014


That title wasn't very helpful was it.   yet you must have been intrigued - or bored - because you are reading this.

The 'Mmm' cam from the fact that I have been 'musing' (first 'm') on 'motivation' (second 'm').  How do we motivate our employees.

Well, first we have to understand they are not motivated by what motivates us.  They have their own values, interests and concerns.  We have to understand 'where they are coming from' - what interests them, annoys them, drives them.

if you have the empathy to answer those questions, you should be able to derive a motivation strategy that will help you build momentum (another 'm') in support of your own motivation and goals.  Just don't expect them to share those goals just because you think they should.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Take the time to talk

I was looking at a PowerPoint presentation the other day (not one of mine) and I thought "What a great job this person has done of making a complex issue understandable."  

It reminded me that we often have two important, overlapping roles - acting as technical experts to make plans, take decisions, solve problems and make improvements ... and acting as teachers and mentors to persuade others that our assessment and plans are sound and offer real benefits.  Where we have different groups of stakeholders with different viewpoints and concerns, this can be the more challenging role.

So, in your business, remember to take a break from 'managing' it occasionally and take the time to explain what it is you are doing and why. It will pay dividends in the longer-term.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

How do you compare?

Who is your 'target company' - the one you wean to emulate - and beat?

Having someone in your sights is a good motivator - it helps focus your mind on what they do better than  you - and therefore on what you need to improve.

So, if you haven't got a target, find one - and find out enough about them to do some useful comparisons and benchmarking.

If you think there is no-one to chase, you are either misguided - or in a particular niche market.

If there is no-one ...  then it is you... next year you must beat this year's performance - especially in those areas where you know you should improve.  Start chasing yourself!