Saturday, 4 June 2011

Running to Success

Singapore Manpower Minister Gan Kim Yong recently suggested that there is only one real solution to maintaining economic growth. 

Likening it to a race, he said it was not possible to eliminate other competitors or set rules to disallow others from running faster. Instead, the way to get ahead in the income race is through hard training and with good running shoes.

This applies to your organisation. Your competitors are running .. .so you'd better make sure you (and your employees) are as fit as your competitors are ... and that you have the right shoes on.  

Of course in a long race, tactics can also play a part.  You want to win the race, not put in a fast lap time in the middle.

So get your strategy right, then your tactical plans. Make sure everyone knows what they are supposed to do ... and that they are trained and equipped to do it.  Then set them running.

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