Friday, 29 October 2010

Let them Play

Do you let your employees play?  On the Internet, for example .... or do you lock things down so they have to work, work, work.
We want our employees to work - but we want them to work productively. One way of doing this is to create parameters within which play (of some kind) is allowable - perhaps at lunchtime, perhaps on Friday afternoons, perhaps for 5 minutes every hour.
What 'play' can do is allow staff to recover and re-energise ... or deal with small domestic issues (like booking a plumber) that might be distracting them from their work.  If you don't give them 'playtime' they'll probably take it anyway - by working more slowly and less effectively.  
So, take control of that playtime - build it in safely into daily or weekly routines ... and then you both reap the benefits.

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