Saturday, 25 September 2010


Uninor is a joint venture between Telenor, of Norway, and Unitech in India.
All 60 Uninor offices in India are “open offices”. There are no private cabins and there is complete flexibility. A trainee can sit next to senior professionals and even besides the MD. The few small rooms are for meetings and conference calls.

The 2,500-employee strong Uninor says team play and levels of collaboration are much higher amongst employees than in other organisations. It also claims the highest employee productivity and the lowest attrition rate in the industry.

“It is as simple as removing layers and barriers. We have demolished the walls and the rooms within rooms. Problems get solved faster. New ideas come up freely. Basically, when you need to talk, you don’t need to knock,” says Thulin.

So think about how you structure your team and you office  in more ways than one.

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