Saturday, 27 June 2015

In the UK, the Confederation of British Industry (CBI - which represents British business organisations - especially larger ones) is asking the government for tax changes in the forthcoming budget to allow further investment in machinery/equipment and in skills development.

If you are (or if you were) UK based, do you (would you) support the CBI in this plea? 

Of course you would - it would give you more to invest ... or it would help boost your profits.

But as a taxpayer, is it the right thing to do ... or should entrepreneurs and employers be sorting out their own problems?

Think about your own skills agenda. Are you having trouble finding people with the skills you need? And, if so, is this a fundamental, underlying, skills infrastructure problem ... or a more temporary issue of 'right skills in the wrong places'. 

We all want help with our businesses ... but we have to be sure that what we ask for us in the best interest of the country. That is our responsibility and duty.

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