Saturday, 13 September 2014

Using gamification to improve your business

We've heard quite a lot about 'gamification' recently - especially in the context of online learning.

I read the term many times before I sought to understand it ... so I thought some of you might be in the same boat and would appreciate an executive summary'.

If I'm right (after several minutes of research), gamification refers to taking processes (such as learning) and applying games-related functions like repetition, competition, rewards and recognition to make them more engaging to the participants.

Many industries have had some of these elements for a number of years, but gamification seems to mean taking these things to a new levels and integrating them more thoroughly. Organisations like TripAdvisor which give you credit for reviews you write (and regularly remind you of the number of readers, especially those who 'liked' one of your reviews) are 'gamifying' their websites.

So, whether you are ready to go full steam ahead with gamification, it might be worth considering how you can use the functions referred to above to better engage your customers or your employees.
Can you use data about output or performance levels to create competition between employees or workgroups; can you use that data as the basis of simple recognition or reward programmes? Can you use similar techniques when training staff for new roles - getting them to improve their' high score' all then time until they are fully competent?

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