Saturday, 2 August 2014

Join the club

Clustering is a government policy whereby firms in a particular sector are located close to one another so they can intermingle, inter-trade  and learn from each other.

if you are not part of a cluster - because you are located where you are for historical reasons - you can often get many of the benefits by joining a 'virtual cluster'.

Often support agencies (government funded organisations or self-funding associations) have regular meetings and training sessions ... but increasingly there is support offered by online groups.

Many people view LinkedIn as a vehicle for recruitment - but the real strength of LinkedIn is in its groups.  These offer the chance to interact with like-minded individuals and companies .sharing information and asking questions.

obviously, these groups vary in their usefulness - and in their levels of activity... but since you can get email digests of comments posted and questions posed, there is little bto lose - its free and takes little time,

|Join a group - or several- now

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