Saturday, 9 August 2014

Haver You Moved to the Cloud

Many entrepreneurs ands small businesses fail to back up their computer data.  They mean to of course ... but actually doing it takes expertise - normally a bigger stumbling block than the cost.

Cloud storage is now the obvious option .... but many are worried about security.

However, most cloud-based storage and backup services are quite secure - if used properly .... and they have been getting easier to use over recent years.

Take Dropbox - probably the most used cloud-based service.  Once set up, it just works.  reliably, securely, conveniently.

There are numerous alternatives out there - it partly depends on whether you want simple backup or synchronised storage - where your cloud-based storage seamlessly synchronises with your server or desktop.

Google Drive is another option - quite a bit cheaper than Dropbox for small businesses.

So don't take too long thinking about it - and lose your data to a 'glitch'' of some kind.  Sign up to a free trail NOW - and sleep at night.

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