Saturday, 21 July 2018

Open for Business

This week is The Open Golf Championship - what Americans like to call the British Open but is is THE Open.

The Open obviously has the best golfers in the world - and as with most majors recently rends to be won by an American golfer.  This leads t=you to believe that American golfers are the world's best.

Yet, Europe regularly beats America in the Ryder Cup - a team event. 

Successful teams need more than individual talent.  Whether in sport or in business, building an effective team needs individuals to be put together so they are complementary - and on top it needs team spirit and motivation.

Whoever wins this Open, I would still bet on Europe for the Ryder Cup.  The US college golf system makes US players competitive but not good team players.

So, recruit good individuals - but build them into effective teams.  That's good management!

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