Saturday, 13 August 2016

Breaking out of the Vicious Circle

Nations are (quite rightly) urged to improve educational standards and attainments to help boost national productivity.  An educated - and skilled - workforce is a key underpinning of higher productivity.

This is actually a vicious circle (or cycle).  Low education standards results in lower productivity - and lower productivity results in less money to invest in education. And the cycle continues.

Nations have to find some way to break out of the cycle. And wealthier countries who provide aid to developing countries should focus a great deal of their efforts on education and skills.

Its the 'teach a man to fish' paradigm.

At the level of the firm, organisations must concentrate on upskilling and empowering their workers - to realise their maximum potential.  This is your responsibility.  if enough firms do this, the national problem is solved.

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