Saturday, 20 February 2016

Think WHY, then HOW

India has the highest population of livestock in the world and produces a whopping 147 million metric tonnes of milk, a number also  unsurpassed by any other country. However,  when it comes to productivity, it is way behind most other nations -  Israel’s productivity is 10 times greater.

India is starting to realise what it needs to do - but is not yet sure how to go about it.

This is really important.  Knowing WHY one needs to improve is the key catalyst in determining HOW to improve.  

Unless the will is there, the tools and techniques have no power.

So, expect to see improvements in India's agri-productivity in the next decade.  They are on the starting blocks.

The same is true of your business - you must understand Why you need to change and improve; the impact it will have on your operations and competitiveness.  This will force you to search for improvements methods and opportunities.

Think about your VISION - not how you get there (well, at least not yet).

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