Saturday, 18 July 2015

Lots of national governments - and other agencies-  make calls to their populace for a productivity revolution.  They are simply urging people to work harder.

Bu we know that productivity revolutions do not occur because people work harder or when people work longer hours (despite what Jeb Bush might think).

So, a 'call to arms' is unlikely to be effective.

Governments need to do more - to build  a strategy (or at least a plan) for productivity development involving policy and infrastructure elements (macroeconomics, regulation, transport, telecoms, education, skills). They need to build a potential for higher productivity which enlightened firms can exploit. Individuals might then respond with higher productivity.

The same applies to you. There is no point simply urging your workforce to work harder - or even smarter. You have to build your own internal infrastructure - and culture - that can support suggestions, innovations and new ways of working. This is your job - and perhaps the most important part of it!

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