Saturday, 25 April 2015

Sleep more, do more!

Are you a 'power worker'?  Do you get by with 4 hours sleep each night?   Do you brag about the time you spend on the business and the short time you spend asleep?

Well, I wouldn't bother.

Though there is a fashion to do just that, most of us know that an appropriate amount of sleep is necessary and important.  We can all function effectively on a small amount of sleep - for a short time.

But it catches up with you.  Your body fails to rejuvenate and refresh properly and your mind fails to process subconsciously all those little - and not so little - problems that are keeping you awake.  If you can find a way to get to sleep, you will find the problems become less insurmountable and less worrying.

So, if you are not sleeping, treat it not as a badge of honour but as an early-warning of impending failure - of you and/or your business.

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