Saturday, 1 February 2014

Real Quality

We went through the 'quality revolution in the 70s/80s - now everyone  has ISO 9000 and some have been through TQM programmes. (I'm talking about the big boys, here.)

Why is it then that it is so difficult to get good' service'.  Service in the UK has largely been off-shored to India and other places - clearly as a cost-cutting exercise.

Customers hate calling these 'service centres' and playing 'telephone tag' until they eventually get someone who doesn't understand the problem and has no authority to do anything about it.

They seem to have forgotten that 'lean' organisations start by valuing the voice of the customer (where voice is spelt VOice, not PRice).

So can we have a REAL quality revolution where quality and productivity (which should both be based on adding value) are considered two sides of the same coin and are not traded off against each other.

And as a small company ...remember copying the big boys isn't always the right thing to do.  Stay close yo your customers; value their feedback; and act on it.  That seems to be something you can do that they can not ... or will not.

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