Saturday, 2 June 2012

Knowing what you don't know

When we start a small business we have to turn our hand to all sorts of tasks.  We can be manufacturing supervisors, accountants (or bookkeepers at least), personnel officers, coaches, trainers, delivery drivers, etc.

Of course we will do some of these well ... and some less well.  Some we will do less well because we are ignorant of the issues involved in that area of 'professionalism'.

Ignorance is dangerous ... but even more dangerous is ignorance of our ignorance. It is important to know what you don't know so that you can fill in the gaps in knowledge or skill.

Those who assume they know (or don't even think about it) will continue to make mistakes and bad judgements.

Don't let it be you.  Think about what you might not know ... and do something about it.

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